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Saturday morning on the square

March 1

It snowed today for the first time in quite awhile, good friend and loyal customer Erik W.  shot this with the caption “best warming hut ever” It may be slow but we stay open for moments like these.

Saying Goodbye

I should have realized that summer would come along as a freight train gathering speed coming down a mountain. Between the general high season busy-ness of the bakery and personally soaking up as much of the Maine summer as is possible free moments spent in front of the computer are few and far between.

We put our head down this time of year to both work and play hard ….but then you pause and look up and wow it’s already August, I always feel July is a lost month as it seems to pass in the blink of an eye.  We did pause and celebrate special on July 30 as we bid adieu to long time employees Evan and Jenni.  Evan came to us just shy of 5 years ago to man the front register and in that time raised the bar for customer service.   He knew everyone’s name and took sincere interest in the goings on of their life, his calmness and constant smile even on the craziest days was a sight to behold.  Jenni came along a few months later when Evan mentioned his girlfriend had an interest in baking.  She embraced the sweet side and became an indispensable part of making it all happen, her grace and work ethic inspired all of us.  They were married last year and this year decided to take a belated honeymoon traveling around the country for three months and while we wish them the best they are deeply missed.  Thank you Evan and Jenni for being part of the family!

We always say we are only as good as our staff so it was wonderful to slow down a bit and celebrate them!  And in case you’re wondering the meal was simple hamburgers, hot dogs, and assorted delicious sides provided pot luck style…. and as a testament to how busy it is we ran out of time to bake our own buns so we ran next door and laughed at having to buy bread.  Oh summer you are something else.


We are barreling into summer here at the bakery and last week I was on the morning bake arriving at the tender hour of 4 a.m.  for 6 days in a row.  And while this may seem extreme to lots of people out there it is a reality of bakery life.  Luckily I’m a morning person so I don’t find it quite a hardship, especially this time of year when the birds are already singing on my walk over and I can pop out the back door and catch the sunrise.

Posts may be a bit slow as we hit our busiest time but do know Issue #2 is in the works and I have some recipes lined up to share on here.  Happy Happy summertime to all!


This is our rhubarb plant growing out front, and while it won’t be enough for everything we want to make, it’s stalks will find their way into muffins, scones, slab pies, upside down cakes, compotes, cheesecakes, and whatever else our crazy bakers dream up.