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Gingerbread Pt. 2

thought I’d put a few more pictures up of the Gingerbread Scratch from delivery and set up.   Still plenty of time to check it out at The Residence Inn/ Marriott on Fore St.

The Scratch Gingerbread House

This year we entered the Gingerbread House competition at the Downtown Residence Inn/Marriott hotel to benefit the Ronald McDonald House.  Kristin and Sue did an absolutely amazing job creating a gingerbread version of Scratch in the summer.  There are sunflowers, a candy stone walk, a puppy and even Bob’s Vespa rendered in fondant!  But the magic really happens when you look in the back – tiny Ring Dings!, a tray of chocolate chip cookes!, baguettes!, bagels!! There are all the things to make and bake and even airpots and coffee cups, all teeny tiny.  It is a work of art and even looking at the pictures makes me giddy.  The gingerbread Scratch Baking Co. (and all of the other entrants) are on display in the lobby at 145 Fore St. until December 14 so head on over to check them out…. you can even vote for us if so inclined.

Holiday Menu!!

The business of busy

It’s been a time since the last post here on Baker’s Notes but not for lack of goings on.  The next issue of our paper journal is ready and will be in the bakery and available online on May 5!  This issue’s theme is Rise & Shine and I must say it looks beautiful.  It’s full of recipes including our amazing super duper cinnamon rolls and buttermilk spice coffeecake. You’ll also find an ode to toast and a great piece on our coffee philosophy by Bob.  I was down at the press check this week and it’s exciting to see something with so many parts come to life. I know the real moment will come when the books are delivered, I always get a bit weepy!

We’ve also been busy in the bakery transitioning from winter to spring (with a brief foray into summer weather wise)  It’s been refreshing to have the screen door open and to have some lighter brighter things in our dessert case.  This time of year we try to take stock and enjoy the relative quiet before we really get going for summer.  We make plans, work on our systems and look at ways we can squeeze just a little bit more out of our space.  I’m hoping to post some of this process in the coming weeks as well as a couple of recipes and of course some beautiful pictures, I promise we won’t be gone so long next time!

Cream Puffs!

We have them now – drizzled with caramel, sprinkled with a bit of pink sea salt, topped with a  dusting of powdered sugar and really delicious.