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Gingerbread Pt. 2

thought I’d put a few more pictures up of the Gingerbread Scratch from delivery and set up.   Still plenty of time to check it out at The Residence Inn/ Marriott on Fore St.

The Scratch Gingerbread House

This year we entered the Gingerbread House competition at the Downtown Residence Inn/Marriott hotel to benefit the Ronald McDonald House.  Kristin and Sue did an absolutely amazing job creating a gingerbread version of Scratch in the summer.  There are sunflowers, a candy stone walk, a puppy and even Bob’s Vespa rendered in fondant!  But the [...]

Holiday Menu!!

Baker’s Notes 4-pack * Holiday

We’re offering all four issues of Baker’s Notes this year for $40 wrapped up in a Scratch bag and tied with a bakery twine bow.  A wonderful present for those near and far.

Thanksgiving by the numbers

This time last week we were deep in the heart of Thanksgiving baking madness.  I remember looking up from my pie baking frenzy around 9 a.m to see the long line of patient customers, the swirl of bakers, and the steady movement of the front of the house people and thinking I need to stop [...]