Issue No. 5 Anniversary Edition

Issue No. 5: Anniversary Edition

$10 + shipping
8 x 10 inches, full color throughout
28 pages + cover
Release Date: June, 2014

Ten years. Ten years! Our fifth issue is a celebration of the last decade we’ve spent on Willard Square, and as a celebration, it’s full of cakes. Cakes, and buns, and cookies and breads. And thanks. So many thanks. The neighborhood and square have grown around us, and we are so glad to be part of it all.

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10 Years!!!!

10 years and a few months ago our building was looking something like this!

and the inside was looking like this

We removed all the old plaster and lathe and carted it out bucket by bucket to the dumpster. I remember not being able to lift my arms at the end of the day (which was actually the middle of the night!)

These days we bake the bagels under that hood.  I remember thinking we would have so much room…hah that’s certainly not the case now and this was even before we took over the other side of the building and the back studio apartment!

The outside looks pretty different today… red bench yet!


Time flies by and much has changed in the neighborhood, we feel very very lucky to be a part of it!  Here’s to 10 more years.

xo Scratch

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You say you want some bagels!

I thought we would offer a local pro tip as the busy busy Memorial Day weekend (and summer) approaches.

If you are going to need bagels for this weekend and want to avoid the bagel frenzy consider stocking up during the week.

Our bagels freeze beautifully  just slice, put in a plastic bag and keep in the freezer until you want them.

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It’s rhubarb season!!!


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You put the lime in the coconut


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